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2007 Porsche 997 Turbo
Tiptronic Transmission

Our customer self-diagnosed the car as having a bad transmission. They brought car and replacement transmission to us, we did the work, only to then find out it was a problem with the TCU, not the transmission itself. Customer left transmission for us to do with as we please. So here it is for sale.

This transmission came out of a 2007 Porsche 997 Turbo. Transmission code is A9750. It is a Tiptronic transmission manufactured by Mercedes. Part number is 722.270.200.0. Porsche list price for a new one is $35,889.22 with a price of $29,474.46 for a remanufactured unit. This particular one had 95,166 miles on it when pulled. There aren't a lot of these transmissions out there for sale... we were only able to locate three of them, all for $3600 each. We're blowing this one out at $2500 just to clear out some space in our shop.

Additional Information:
BM-NR: 722.657
Mercedes-Benz-NR: A 722 270 20 00
SERIEN-NR: 005844
Model: A9750 150
Mileage: 95,166
Case Stamping: 722.271.09.01